Kelly’s at SouthBridge

Kelly’s at SouthBridge •7117 E. 6th Ave, Scottsdale, AZ • 480-393-3205 • 

Open Sun-Wed 11am-11pm & Thurs-Sat 11am-2am. Happy Hour 3-7 pm Mon-Fri

Patio: Yes, Dog-Friendly: Yes 

Kelly’s at SouthBridge has the whole package: the food, the service, and the atmosphere. Photo Fusion Studio has the repeated pleasure of photographing all of the above for their next door neighbors, but also enjoying these amenities as customers as well.

Susan and Cassie had the opportunity to photograph some of the amazing items on the menu, coming out with hunger-inducing photos and extremely full stomach’s. Just one of the perks of being a food photographer in Scottsdale — with all these highly rated restaurants, the food will never disappoint!

The photography session was more like a four course meal, starting with the beautiful and delicious cheese plate. The plate is adorned with three cheese selections, each with a different flavor, texture, and level of hardness. Accompanying the cheeses are several slices of toasted bread, fresh fruit, and an orchid, leaving the consumer with a bright, colorful plate and very happy taste buds.


Kelly's at SouthBridge Cheese Plate

Kelly’s at SouthBridge Cheese Plate

For this week’s “fish dish”, Susan was more than happy to taste one of Kelly’s signature sandwiches, the Tea Sandwich.  This specialty dish begins with two thick slices of deliciously toasted bread spread with Gina’s Mascarpone. The house cured Salmon is definitely what steals the show on this dish, but the cucumber salad blends fitfully with the wide array of flavors and textures between these two slices to make one delightful sandwich. Might we add that a cold, refreshing margarita fits right in, too?

Kelly's at SouthBridge Tea Sandwich

Kelly’s at SouthBridge Tea Sandwich

Speaking of cheat’s that won’t cause regret, Cassie had way too many great things to say about Kelly’s amazing round-up of burgers. Kelly’s boasts to make their very own 4-cut combination for their ground meat, composed of Short Rib, Sirloin, Chuck and Brisket. I don’t think it’s necessary to bring up that this mixture is Award Winning to know it’s amazing- but what the heck.

It was a tough decision to make, but Cassie dove straight into the Shaft Bleu Burger. A mountainous award-winning patty topped with the elusive and incredible pancetta, creamy Shaft Bleu Cheese, and finished with a crisp tomato, butter lettuce, and a golden flakey bun- say no more. In fact, she couldn’t. Her mouth was too full.

Kelly's at SouthBridge Shaft Bleu Burger

Kelly’s at SouthBridge Shaft Bleu Burger

And finally, the Twinkie. Ohh, the Twinkie! Kelly’s signature take on the infamous Twinkie deserves even more of a celebration than the return of Hostess’ pre-packaged square cakes anyone could find on their local grocers shelves. This dream-in-a-bowl was recently revamped and better than ever, made up of the simple ingredients of angel food cake and Whipped Creme Anglaise for the filling, with a sweet strawberry sauce to top it all off, and one of those beautiful orchids for dressing. Simplicity at its finest. Vegetarian or carnivore, there was no time for debate on this dish, at least not until that final empty clink of the spoon on the bowl. Even then, we were far too full and satisfied to think of anything than how truly delicious every single thing had been. Kelly’s, you’ve done it again! And we will be back again, and again, and again…


Kelly’s at SouthBridge Twinkie

Kelly's At Southbridge on Urbanspoon


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