Daily Dose – Scottsdale Restaurant

Daily Dose • 4020 N Scottsdale Rd Suite #101, Scottsdale, AZ • 480-994-3673

Open: Sun-Sat Breakfast: 7am – 4pm, Lunch: 10:30am – 4pm, Dinner: 4pm – 9pm

Happy Hour: Sun-Sat 4pm – 8pm

Patio: Yes, Dog-Friendly: No

The Daily Dose in Old Town Scottsdale offers a friendly, fun, and homey atmosphere with exactly the kind of comfort food anyone would want from home. And well, no one can admit that home cooking isn’t better when someone else is doing the cooking for you!

Susan and I were immediately greeted with friendly faces and the amazing aroma of food preparation. The Daily Dose offers a dining room, a full service bar, and a quaint covered patio that offers the view of Old Town and a little solitude from the hustle; which is where we made ourselves comfy and prepared for the awesome showing of food we were about to view.

Because it wasn’t just a breakfast meal but more of a super delectable treat, both Susan and I dove into the Mixed Berry Protein Pancakes. Starting with their special wheat batter and adding fresh banana, strawberry, blackberry, raspberry AND blueberry, the DD takes pride in making sure that their definition of mixed berry means nearly every delicious berry out there into their three piece stack of perfection. They also throw in some roasted almonds, and the essence of their creation, the high protein flax seed granola. This dish comes with the diner’s choice of a cup of fresh fruit, cottage cheese, or the DD hash, either surely leaving the consumer happy and full.

Daily Dose Mixed Berry Protein Pancakes

Daily Dose Mixed Berry Protein Pancakes

The Daily Dose is known for their amazing dishes for all three meals of the day, serving up fresh and delicious meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If the protein pancakes is the DD’s bread and butter, the Turkey Burger is the meat and potatoes. Another healthy alternative to an american favorite, the Double D Turkey Burger is hand blended with house seasonings, with fresh parmesan cheese folded right into the patty. That’s right, that mean’s cheese in every single, savory bite. After the artisan patty is grilled, it’s topped with melted swiss cheese, sautéed onions, fresh avocado, and a chipotle mayonnaise to tie it all together. Imagine, all these fresh and delicious ingredients in between a toasted pretzel bun. Yes, it is indeed sheer bliss. Don’t forget to add the DD’s newest waffle fries to your Turkey Burger order, their brand new side addition can’t be passed up!

Daily Dose Turkey Burger

Double D Turkey Burger

The Daily Dose helped me to hit the double Jackpot this week with not one, but TWO delicious meat dishes! Even though Susan ate the pancakes to her hearts content, there is no one, not even a vegetarian (or pescatarian, if we’re being technical!) that wouldn’t get jealous over the Slow Roasted St. Louis Ribs.

Even if it weren’t in the name, it’s completely obvious that these baby’s were slow roasted by the way my fork practically slid through the meat on its own. After the countless hours of generous slow roasting, the rack (either full or half, your choice!) is glazed with a tangy barbecue sauce. The Ribs are accompanied by grilled corn waffles, whose slight hint of sweetness are a great compliment to the tang of the ribs. As if that weren’t enough, the DD also throws in a special vegetable julienne, made of carrots, red peppers, peas, and tossed in a peanut dressing for extra flavor.

Daily Dose Slow Roasted St. Louis Ribs

Daily Dose Slow Roasted St. Louis Ribs

It’s pretty evident that the Daily Dose has a wide variety of amazing dishes, but wait until you try their insane happy hour. The DD has huge deals on many wines, cocktails, and beer selections. Be sure to check out their newest addition to the cocktail family, the Dreamcatcher, made with a special 44 degree vodka. See the gorgeous Dreamcatcher featured in the photo with the Slow Roasted St. Louis Ribs.

No matter the time of day, year, or your mood, The DD is sure to satisfy anyones appetite! Call us your food doctor, and we’re sending you to get your daily dose of deliciousness!

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